WriggleBum founder and creator, Beck Mullally, with her son Lewis
About us

Hi! I'm Beck. Coffee-guzzling, Melbourne-living wrangler of two wrigglebums and founder of WriggleBum.

Like a lot of babies, from around 4 months old my son started to roll. From that point on, he never sat still. Nappy changes became harder and more frustrating as he would continually toss and turn. How do you change a wriggly baby's nappy when they don't stop flipping over?

I couldn't find a product make nappy changes easier, so I decided to design one that would. Everything about it needed to be quick and easy - adjusting it, fitting it, washing it. It needed to be comfortable for baby and it had to work really well and limit a baby's ability to roll at change time. After many designs and several prototypes, the WriggleBum was born.

Since launching early 2019, the WriggleBum has made nappy changes less stressful and less messy for hundreds of parents. I'm so proud that the harness has also helped parents with limited upper body movement and hand difference.

If you have any questions at all, please shoot me an email - I'd love to hear from you.
Beck x

Proudly featured in:
Kidspot January 2019
Jessica Smith's (Paralympian, OAM) blog - Motherhood: One Handed

Recent testimonials

'The Wrigglebum is perfect for my client with a physical disability and Beck was diligent in making sure it fit her change table and met her needs. This product makes a big difference to nappy changes for parents with amputations or limited upper limb function, by keeping baby safe and secure for them.' - Senior Occupational Therapist, WA

'I am thanking the nappy changing Gods for this invention! Now I can change (Raffa's) nappy easily and speedily. I can hand-on-heart say (with experience) that Wrigglebum has changed my life!' - Gemma Peanut, NSW

'Babies have no idea that if they just sat still the 'trauma' of a nappy change would be over soon. Wrigglebum helped keep my litte one in place whilst I changed her nappy as quick as I could, ending it for us both quickly and pleasantly. After a little adjustment we are back to smiles on the change table (now the only unpleasantness is what awaits me in the nappy itself). Recommending this to any new parent, wish I had one from the beginning!' - Alys Holz, NSW

'Love my Wrigglebum! Makes nappy changes so so much easier! Wish I had of gotten it earlier! Absolutely would recommend x' - Tara Donnelly, VIC

'Such a great product, really helped with changing my 10 month old. Nappy changes are easier and less messy! I wish I knew about it sooner. Highly recommended.' - Emma Petruccelli, VIC

'Omggggggggg! So I have used the Wrigglebum for 2 nappy changes this morning and can I just say GAME CHANGER. It was utter bliss. I literally think it's the perfect baby shower gift!' - Megs Cronje, WA

'Once we got our hands on a Wrigglebum, nappy changing became a completely different experience. No longer were we wrestling our wriggleworm and worrying about the potential mess that we had become accustomed to! Such a brilliant product!' - Amanda Wilson, VIC

'Omg this has actually saved my life.... So happy I have it...So great! My son is a real wriggler, it takes 2 people to change him and when I'm alone I put him on the floor and place a leg over him... My change table has a bath under the table and it still fit perfectly. I love it and thank you for making my life way easier. I know it sounds simple, changing a nappy but not when Ur baby is a big wriggler... Don't think about it.. Just buy it... I promise it's the best thing ever.' - Jess Artin, VIC

'Finally something to keep my wriggly little guy safe and restrained while I'm changing him! The Wrigglebum is a must-have for those with kids like most that just don't.sit.still. I can even clip on his favourite toy to keep him entertained! Awesome product and the perfect gift for any new or expecting parents.' - Amy DiMartino, VIC



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