Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the Wrigglebum?
Here's how to get started:
  1. Place the Wrigglebum over your change table with the top belt facing up. Thread the bottom belt under the safety rails if your table has them. Clip together the two buckles underneath. The Wrigglebum can also be attached directly to change mats.
  2. Attach a small toy such as a rattle or teether to the toy ring to keep bub busy.
  3. Pull the straps underneath as tight as you can, so the belt is very taught. Make sure the square on the top belt is in the centre of the table.
  4. Lay the top belt open and lie baby on top. Wrap the top belt around bub's chest and clip the buckle. Make sure the top belt is sitting just under their armpits.
  5. Pull the strap on the top belt until it is firmly, but comfortably, fitted around baby.
Please note: The Wrigglebum is not a safety device. Never leave child unattended and always keep them within arm's reach. Don't overtighten the top belt. Only attach age-appropriate toys. Keep away from heat and flame.

My baby still wriggles quite a lot when I'm using the Wrigglebum. What can I do?
More often than not, a few tweaks to how the Wrigglebum is fitted to your change table/mat will make all the difference. Make sure of the following:
  1. The bottom belt around the change table/mat is tightly fastened so that the belt is very taut.
  2. The buckles under the change table/mat are adjusted so they're sitting right in the middle.
  3. The top belt is in the centre of the change table/mat.
  4. The top belt is sitting right under bub's armpits, at the top of their chest.
  5. The top belt's strap is adjusted so it's quite firm around bub's chest, but not too tight as to be uncomfortable.
Attaching a toy to the Wrigglebum can help to distract baby, which also helps them stay put.

Does Wrigglebum stop all wriggling and flipping?
The Wrigglebum was designed to restrict baby's movement enough to enable nappies to be changed much more efficiently. We balanced this with the need to ensure baby was comfortable at all times and that the product was easy and quick to use. Babies will still be able to do some wriggling, but the Wrigglebum will significantly reduce the amount of wriggling they'll be able to do!

Please note: the Wrigglebum is not a safety product. Babies must never be left alone on a change table or change mat, for any length of time, even when the Wrigglebum is fastened.

When do you start using the Wrigglebum?
We recommend to start using the Wrigglebum when baby is four months old, as this is usually when babies start rolling. The earlier the Wrigglebum is introduced, the quicker baby becomes accustomed to it.

Up to what age can the Wrigglebum be used?
The Wrigglebum was designed for babies aged 4-18 months, and therefore is most effective for this age range. It can, however, be used with toddlers up to 24 months(+), depending on the child's size. The top belt's maximum circumference is 57cm.

Does the Wrigglebum fit all change tables and change mats?
The Wrigglebum has been designed to fit most change tables and mats that have a circumference of between 90 to 137cm. As the Wrigglebum's bottom belt has two buckles, please note that this may create an uneven surface underneath solid change pads (such as the Leander Matty). If you need help to determine whether the Wrigglebum will fit your change table or mat, please get in touch with us prior to placing your order.

I have some feedback - who do I tell?
We love feedback. Please email with your thoughts.

How do I order?
Via our online ordering system on our Shop page. We offer payment via PayPal with PayPal's Buyer Protection for additional peace of mind. Please visit PayPal's site for terms and conditions.

What if I enter an incorrect address by mistake?
If you complete an order with the wrong delivery details, send us an email immediately with the correct details. We can update the address if the email is received within two hours of the order being placed. If an order is delivered to an incorrect address and needs to be sent again, we will need to on-charge for the additional delivery.

Do you ship worldwide?
Yes, we do! Unfortunately at this time we do not ship to North America.

How long does delivery take?
We will do our best to get all orders out the door as soon as possible. How much does delivery cost? What is your exchange and refund policy?
Our full refund policy is available here. Please choose carefully as we don't provide refunds for change of mind.

How do I wash my Wrigglebum?
Machine wash your Wrigglebum on a warm gentle cycle with like colours, using mild detergent. Clip all buckles together before washing.

Interested in collaborating? Or have a wholesale enquiry?
We're all ears. Send me an email with your ideas!


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